1. Application Management


SVIS offers end-to-end application development services for our clients. When packaged software does not adequately address your requirements, Custom Application Development can see through your business strategies to the end.

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Qualifications: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 4 - 5 years
Location: New Jersey

Case Studies

SV Information Systems Inc. has the experience and expertise your company needs to transform its business and IT functions for competitive advantage. With broad competencies addressing both solutions and consulting, we offer a comprehensive suite of services.More...

SV Information Systems

SV Information Systems Inc. (SVIS) is uniquely suited to bridge the gap between an organization's existing IT capabilities and its vision for high performance. We combine deep technology expertise and strategy capabilities to cover the entire range of IT infrastructure and applications. From developing an IT strategy to solutions, we help organizations put a premium on the improvements that will have the most impact. SVIS is an ...

IT Consulting

Our highly qualified and experienced consultants provide a wide range of services for clients. We develop business strategies to help you compete in today's environment and leverage new technologies to meet your goals. Most importantly we understand that in today's competitive market¬place, the software that supports your business must reduce cost and risk, capitalize on changing market scenarios and offer a short term return on value.