Qualifications: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 4 - 5 years

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Services :: Data Management

As operators deploy new services, introduce new OSS/BSS components or new network elements in their system, newer data elements are added to existing data assets. The management of such data assets is the key to seamless integration & smooth operation. Frequent merger of business groups, coupled with increased need for inter-departmental data re-conciliation & data normalization makes the overall task of data management a time critical and effort intensive one.

In addition to efficient data storage, data access & data synchronization, very often there is a need for data transformation data enrichment to suit application interoperability & up-gradation needs. Such Data Source Integration is often an involved activity, traditionally requiring fresh custom code to be written each time there is a new element in the system, only to be abandoned the moment there is a system overhaul or a platform migration.

We manage this problem with Data Management Solution which consists of services & components for process acceleration. The services include: