Qualifications: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 4 - 5 years

Case Studies

Case Studies


SVIS has an experience of having built service centric, network diagnostic OSS/BSS solutions for voice
convergent media services delivery over IP and a satisfied client base, SV offers compelling value to its customers.

OSS - Automation of Telecom Switch Management

System Level Automation by integrating various OSS applications involved in management of 4ESS and 5ESS Telecom Switches.

Business Challenge : The customer wanted to deploy system level automation to accelerate solving business problems that include unutilized assets, revenue leakage, network inefficiencies, recovery of stranded assets, inadequate ROI etc.

SVIS Solutions : The SVIS consultants implemented a system level automation by developing a platform, System Rapid Automation Platform (SRAP). The core idea involved was effective integration of the various OSS applications like Inventory and Provisioning involving management of 4ESS and 5ESS switches.